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Welcome to our newly curated website - Enjoy 💜💜
Welcome to our newly curated website - Enjoy 💜💜


  • Making the Most of Risky Play

    Making the Most of Risky Play

    I recently observed a group of children engaged in sustained play for an extended period of time (several hours) with only a hill and three gym mats.  The play (completely child-initiated) involved placing the gym mats length-wise down a hill...

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  • how to develop emotional intelligence in kids

    How To Develop Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

    Many studies have found that when you build your emotional resilience, you have a reduced risk for many illnesses and improve your life satisfaction. Teaching our children emotional literacy from a young age helps them master  these skills by adulthood. Read our blog and learn strategies on how you can achieve it.
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  • child playing with DIY play dough

    Cloud Dough Messy Play Activity

    Messy Play is fun, relaxing, and allows rhythmic movements of the whole body – great for relieving tension and frustration. Messy Play allows children to express their feelings in a creative way. There is no right or wrong way, we...

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  • toys for sensory development ECE and home

    Ocean Provocation for Sensory Development

    Creating interesting provocations is the best way to encourage children to engage and explore during a lesson or play setup. This open-ended ocean wonderland is a wonderful way for children to explore various textures, shapes and smells for sensory development. Sensory...

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  • The Learning Wonders of Carpentry

    The Learning Wonders of Carpentry

    I recently had the privilege of observing two children playing at the carpentry table.  The two boys (around the age of three and four) had been working side by side, when one of the boys wandered over to where a...

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  • The Learning Benefits of Gardening

    The Learning Benefits of Gardening

    Spring is a wonderful opportunity to experience the outdoors and get in touch with nature and the joy it can bring. There’s no better way to get your imagination going with these junior gardening tools. Grab our All Inclusive Limited...

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  • Capture Infants' & Toddlers' Interest

    Capture Infants' & Toddlers' Interest

    The first three years of a child’s life are the most important period for brain development. The interactions, experiences and environment the child participates in during this time, will form the foundation of his/her brain. During these years, children become...

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