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Welcome to Curiate! You've chosen well, we offer only the highest quality products that are ethically sourced, suitable for early childhood. Prices are Exclusive of GST.
Welcome to Curiate! Prices are Exclusive of GST.

Support Toddler's Innate Play Urges with Sense of Place for Wee Ones

Sense of Place for Wee Ones Furniture Collection

The Sense of Place for Wee Ones collections, conceived by Dr. Sandra Duncan, is the first modular furniture system that nurtures a child’s inherent need to move, play, and belong. Built upon extensive research and theory, this beautiful collection provides toddlers with an environment that supports their innate play patterns and encourages physical and cognitive development.

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Reimagine Preschool Environments with Sense of Place

Sense of Place Collection

The Sense of Place collection builds upon the belief in the importance of young children’s environments. Beautifully designed to inspire children’s wonder and to nurture their growth and development, Sense of Place not only celebrates the spirit of place but rejoices in the magic of childhood. Woven throughout this collection are four essential beliefs that serve as a foundation for this inviting collection: a classroom should be nature-aligned, heart-centered, sensory-based, and authentically-inspired.

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Get lost in a world of play & wonder! Curiates creates learning environments that do not only look and feel beautiful, but help to keep children engaged and excited to learn. We’re run entirely from New Zealand by a small passionate team who strives towards a high quality, sustainable and ethical supply chain, ensuring parents, teachers and children the very best in the market. Our resources are handpicked by New Zealand Early Childhood Professionals to help with multiple areas of children’s development through play based learning.

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