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Welcome to Curiate! You've chosen well, we offer only the highest quality products that are ethically sourced, suitable for early childhood. Prices are Exclusive of GST.
Welcome to Curiate! Prices are Exclusive of GST.
Capture Infants' & Toddlers' Interest

Capture Infants' & Toddlers' Interest

The first three years of a child’s life are the most important period for brain development. The interactions, experiences and environment the child participates in during this time, will form the foundation of his/her brain.

During these years, children become empowered by making their own choices and discoveries. Verbal guidance for encouragement to interact and play won’t always do the trick and you’ll have to rely on the resources you provide them with to engage on their own terms. That’s what makes these new resources so wonderful.

baby playing with wooden toys

This is a multi-sensory resource, designed specifically for little hands. They are completely open-ended and encourage experimentation, like rolling or twisting them, picking them up, transporting them, shaking them or even stacking them. 

Young children will repeatedly twist, shake or roll them to see if it makes a louder sound which help them understand cause and effect. The shakers have wooden ends with an acrylic centre so the colourful contents can be clearly seen as they tumble and move around. Children can study the contents as they roll, float, sparkle and bounce. These resources can be used for free play, in treasure baskets or as an accompaniment to nursery songs and rhymes. 

The rolling pins (Set of 3):

baby playing with wooden montessori toys

There are 3 designs that include vibrant colourful beads, sparkling shapes and textured buttons chosen to appeal aesthetically as well as to make a noise. Roll them, shake them, twist and turn them. They’re made from solid pine and acrylic and measures 38cm in length.

The shakers (set of 6):

Toddler playing with wooden montessori toys ECE

There are 6 designs including a variety of different beads, shapes and buttons chosen to appeal aesthetically and make an intriguing noise. They’re made from solid pine and acrylic and measure 9cm in height.

Let your children discover the wonders these resources can bring through sight, feel, sound and movement. A wonderful way to keep them intrigued.
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