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Welcome to Curiate! Prices are Exclusive of GST.
Magic Potion Sensory Play - Unleash Your Inner Creative Wizard

Magic Potion Sensory Play - Unleash Your Inner Creative Wizard

We've found an exciting new resource that is a firm favorite for sensory play.

These potion bottles may look like glass but they are made from a tough, safe plastic. Ideal for using indoors or out. It will excite children to fill them with collected materials, magical mixtures and an array of ingredients like flower petals, leaves, seeds, stones etc. Whilst doing so their imaginations are soaring and they’re developing their fine motor skills. This resource is great for mud kitchens, messy play stations, sand and water play.


Helps develop fine motor skills:

  • Children get to explore all their senses with water activities, to feel the textures of various flowers and other treasures from the garden.
  • Children get to strengthen their cutting skills when they have to cut the petals & leaves smaller to fit in the bottle opening.
  • This activity is great for hand-eye coordination when they have to reach for the ingredients and put it into the potion bottle opening.
  • Mixing all the ingredients together helps them to develop and control their movements according to the texture and consistency they desire.
  • Pouring water into the bowl or pouring from one container to another help to develop wrist and finger coordination.


What you'll need:

  1. Your magical potion bottles
  2. Spoons for mixing or a mortar & pestle
  3. Mixing bowls & collecting baskets
  4. Water
  5. Food colouring
  6. Natural resources (flowers, leaves, seeds etc.)
  7. Optional: baking soda & vinegar

To make things even more exciting and get that timeless reactions from crazy colourful eruptions, you can let your children discover the wonders of mixing baking soda and vinegar in these potion bottles. They will truly feel like real Wizards in a magical world.


There is no method to this activity. The children are in control and this is completely open ended. It is wonderful for children to develop their own inventiveness and creativity when given the opportunity to explore various materials without any instructions or limitations. They learn to discover how all the ingredients react to each other and make their own assumptions of what they'll add next. This activity also offers the opportunity for vocabulary building when children narrate to themselves about what they are creating as little Wizards.


Potion mixing activities and experiments open up the doors to curious minds and spark so much creativity and excitement.

Add a sense of awe and wonder to your experimenting and exploring. Grab your potion bottles here.

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