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Welcome to Curiate! Prices are Exclusive of GST.

Wooden Treasure Cylinder Rolling Pins Set

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Beautifully made cylinders filled with items to capture children's interest. With treasure like items inside to roll, shake, twist and turn. Ideal for sensory and exploration activities. These lovely rolling pins can be used in dough as well as in the role play area and have acrylic centres so the contents can be seen.


  • When babies are able to lift and move the cylinders they may delight in exploring their properties
  • Some children who are immersed in the rotation schema may enjoy simply rolling the shapes back and forth
  • The cylinders make a good sensory object
  • Watch the shapes tumble or listen to the sounds
  • Use as a shaker. Use with art material such as dough or play foam. Use in role play scenarios such as the home corner or the pizzeria
  • The cylinders could be placed in a treasure basket for the children to experiment and explore
  • Made from Poplar wood - solid pine and acrylic
  • Size: 38cm in length
  • Age Birth +

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