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Welcome to Curiate! Prices are Exclusive of GST.

Wooden Geometric Solids - Pk15

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Cube, sphere, hemisphere, ellipsoid, wide cylinder, narrow cylinder, cone, parabola cone, ellipsed cone, square pyramid, triangular pyramid, square prism, tall rectangle prism, short rectangle prism, pentagonal prism, hexagonal prism, octagonal prism, obtuse triangular prism, equilateral triangular prism.


  • 15 pieces
  • Activity guide included
  • Size shapes measure between 5 7.6cm
  • Ages 4+

Edx Education, an international manufacturer of quality educational products. This innovative collection of resources is designed and developed for children from early childhood through to primary age and covers several areas of the curriculum up to approximately age 11, including: Mathematics Manipulatives, Measurement, Early Childhood Active Play, and Art & Craft accessories.

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