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NOVEMBER 2021 - Welcome to our newly curated website - Enjoy 💜💜
NOVEMBER 2021 - Welcome to our newly curated website - Enjoy 💜💜

TickiT Sensory Ball Pack - Pk20

by TickiT
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A selection of 20 balls with different textures, colours, density and bounce properties. Children can use their sense of touch instead of sight which is great for motor development and sense of tactile & sensory activities.   Can also be used for play-based sport games, pairing games or guessing games.


  • 21 pieces balls plus storage bag
  • Supplied in a black feely bag
  • Size largest ball = 7.5cm diameter, smallest ball = 5cm
  • Ages 3+

TickiT products are exclusively developed or sourced by our UK based supplier. They work constantly with educational advisors to produce a range of high quality, engaging and open-ended learning resources which will inspire children's natural curiosity, broadening their knowledge and aiding their educational development as they learn through play. Their aim is to ensure that each product delivers the objectives of motivating interest and developing core skills in specific subject areas.

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