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The Living World - By Rachel Rohloff

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In this fun and educational book, author Rachel Rohloff shares her passion and expertise aimed at getting young children excited about science.

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The Living World teaches scientific skills, key scientific vocabulary and explains the living world: with a focus on plants, animals and people. Divided into four chapters: What is the living world, plants, animals and people; each chapter includes a short introduction and is made up of two or three topics with two or three general learning outcomes and lots of hands on activities and project ideas for children. The book also offers extension ideas for those who want to learn more.
“Our job as teachers and parents is to create a learning environment where children feel happy, supported and inspired to learn. It is important to provide engaging learning opportunities but also let the children direct their own play and allow them the freedom to explore the world around them,” says author Rachel Rohloff. Activities in the book have been derived from the ‘22 urges of play’ from The Sacred Urge to Play, by Pennie Brownlee and Kimberley Crisp, and will encourage different types of play and exploration. 
“This was in the forefront of my mind as I decided what activities would go into this book. Knowing that children love to move and play and that they learn from these experiences, I made sure that each activity involved at least one of the 22 urges of play,” shares Rohloff.
Rachel grew up on a sheep farm in Southland where her love of nature began, “The natural environment is the ultimate playground providing endless opportunities for multi-sensory play, exploration and creativity.” 
“In order to make sense of the living world, children need to first understand the characteristics that distinguish living things from nonliving things. This sounds quite a simple concept for children to grasp, but you may be surprised. They tend to believe that if an object moves it is, therefore, a living thing and if it does not move then it is most certainly dead.”
The Living World unravels the secrets of the human body using the five senses as tools to make sense of the world. It explores different habitats and educates children on how to identify plants, animals and organisms, and learn how they all interact - helping children to understand the fragility of different ecosystems and encouraging them to grow into being environmentally responsible and healthy adults. Jam-packed with lots of hands-on fun, easy to achieve, and affordable activities, The Living World is a book that every parent or teacher should own.
“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” — Albert Einstein 

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