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NOVEMBER 2021 - Welcome to our newly curated website - Enjoy 💜💜
NOVEMBER 2021 - Welcome to our newly curated website - Enjoy 💜💜

Placote Games - Who will save the princess?

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Objective : Questions

A dragon is keeping the princess locked away in the castle. Which of her friends will be the first to save her? Can you guess? Not so fast! To help them, you have to make sure you answer the questions correctly!

Who will save the princess? is designed to help children aged 3 to 6 understand "who," "what," "where," and "when" questions and answer using their general knowledge. Players use illustrated question-and-answer cards to self-check their answers, making learning a snap!

From around age 3 until school age, children swiftly develop their knowledge and understanding of abstract notions, which helps them more easily answer questions out of context. Who will save the princess? was specially designed to stimulate understanding of such questions in children ages 3½ to 5. The game not only develops language skills but also helps children acquire knowledge of concepts like professions and holidays.

It’s also well known that, beginning around age 3, children take more pleasure in imaginary stories. Games that represent an escape from the routine are increasingly interesting at this age. Who will save the princess? enables children to play with imaginary characters whose mission is to save a princess. The story motivates children to answer questions in order to reach their goal.

Ages 3 Yrs+

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