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Placote Games - Who? What? Where?

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Objective : Simple Questions

Ready, set—wait a minute! Before you can find out which object or character to look for, pick a card and listen carefully to the question. You can also try to find the items on the "Look Everywhere" cards.

Who? What? Where? is designed to help children aged 1½ to 3½ develop their understanding of the main question words—"who," "what," and "where"—as well as the key question: "What is he or she doing?" Modelled on the classic “seek and find” routine, this game helps children learn while having fun.

From ages 1½ to 3, children’s understanding of questions increases substantially. This enables them to interact more easily and learn new things. Who? What? Where? has been specifically designed to stimulate children’s comprehension of the most basic questions.

Around age 3½, children generally have a clear understanding of the type of questions the game is designed to teach, but they continue to enjoy playing.

Who? What? Where? is structured like a classic "seek and find" activity, which children enjoy because they experience success every time they locate an image. Because all images show items typically among children’s first words, they are easy to understand and find, enabling children to focus on the question words. Picking cards adds a playful element to the game.

Ages 18 Months+

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