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Placote Games - Park That Car

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Objective : Spatial Concepts

The cars are ready—but they need a smart young driver like you to park them in the right spots around town. Listen carefully and follow the instructions to get your very own driver’s license! You can also give instructions to other players.

Park That Car is designed to help children aged 3 to 5½ follow instructions with spatial concepts like "beside" and "in front of." The level of difficulty increases gradually so youngsters learn at their own pace.

Understanding spatial concepts is useful for children in everyday life, as they are needed to follow directions. This understanding also helps prepare children for school. Park That Car was specially designed to help children understand spatial concepts. The game also enables children to learn at their own pace, because the driver’s booklet presents challenges of gradually increasing levels of difficulty.

There are four levels—beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert—that break down as follows:

  • Beginner: Sets of four instructions containing the same spatial concepts ("in," "beside," or "in front of"). These are the most familiar spatial concepts for children in the context of the game.
  • Intermediate: Sets of five instructions containing two to three spatial concepts ("in," "beside," "in front of," and "between").
  • Advanced: Sets of six instructions that contain four to five spatial concepts including "in," "beside," "in front of," "between," "in the middle of," "near," "behind" and "at the end of."
  • Expert: Sets of seven instructions containing six to seven spatial concepts including "in," "beside," "in front of," "between," "in the middle of," "as close as possible to," "as far as possible from," "near," "at the end," "behind," "to the left of," and "to the right of."

Due to the gradually increasing difficulty, a beginning player can enjoy playing with the instructions in the easier challenges, while more advanced players will be able to complete all the instructions in the booklet.

Park That Car also includes several fun elements that will please very young and older children alike. There is a Driver’s Booklet that lets children see where they have parked their cars, and a driver’s license children color in as they complete new challenges. The Car Color cards and Parking Spot cards give children the opportunity to give directions to other players. Parents can also add a fun twist by encouraging children to move the cars along the road and inventing scenarios to explain the directions, e.g., "Park the red car in the parking lot of the swimming pool because the kids in the car are super hot and want to go swimming!"

Ages 3 Yrs+

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