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Placote Games - My First Words

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Objective : First Words

Roll the big soft die and name what you see. If you don’t know the word, just make a sound!

My First Words is designed to help children aged 6 months and up make familiar sounds and kids over 1 grow their vocabulary. Just place the photo cards in the clear pockets on each side of the die. The images represent common nouns: the typical first words young children learn.

Between the ages of 1 and 2, children learn new vocabulary at a rapid pace. This period is the ideal time to encourage them to learn new words. The My First Words die was specially designed to facilitate vocabulary development at this crucial juncture. The images depicted were selected based on studies that identified the most common first 100 words learned by children.

The words in the game belong to several basic categories (e.g., animals, clothing, food), so words can be grouped by category. Alternatively, insert your own photographs in the pockets of the die, such as pictures of important people in the child’s life.

Keep in mind that children aged 1 and 2 are very active and have a short attention span. My First Words is designed with this in mind and meets children’s needs by interspersing periods of activity (throwing the die) with a language task (naming the picture).

Ages 6 Months+

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