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Placote Games - Mission: Emotions!

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Objective : Understand other people’s emotions

Poor aliens—they have no idea what emotions are! Your mission is to teach them. Help your alien friends leave Planet Emofree and make their way to Earth, where they’ll experience their first emotions. Roll the die, pick a card, and guess what the person on the card is feeling.

Mission: Emotions! is designed to help children aged 3½ to 7½ understand the emotions different people feel in a range of situations and develop a sense of empathy. The game also shows children how the same situation elicits different feelings in different people.

Between ages 3½ and 7½, children gradually get better at recognizing the emotions other people are experiencing. At this age, it’s crucial that adults support children’s development to help them learn to observe the physical manifestations of emotions in others, recognize the causes of these emotions, and be empathic. Mission: Emotions! helps children observe a range of situations and understand the emotions the characters experience.

As they play, children draw Situation cards that depict a range of situations. The adult always asks the same questions: "What emotion do you think the little girl (or little boy) is feeling? Why?" This consistency makes the game easy to understand, while a fun twist is provided by the Emotion cards that show an alien experiencing an emotion on Earth, motivating the child to push on to the end of the course.

Also, from the age of 3 on, children increasingly take pleasure in imaginary stories and are increasingly interested in games that provide an escape from everyday life. Mission: Emotions! plunges children into just such an imaginary context: four extraterrestrials set out on a voyage from Planet Emofree to Earth to discover what emotions are. This scenario will encourage children of various ages to answer a range of questions.

Ages 3 Yrs+

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