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NOVEMBER 2021 - Welcome to our newly curated website - Enjoy 💜💜
NOVEMBER 2021 - Welcome to our newly curated website - Enjoy 💜💜

Wooden Exploration Set

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This high-quality 50-piece wooden set encourages open-ended exploration and learning through children's  de ­veloping senses. Young children instinctively investigate objects that interest them and make discoveries through taste, touch, smell, sound, and  sight.

The Wooden Exploration Set encourages independence and self-directed exploration. The open-ended components of the set will inspire children's  natural curiosity and joy of learning. Toddlers crave new experiences while enjoying the comfort of the familiar. With opportunities to manipulate the objects over and over, young children will follow their natural curiosity and love of repetition to engage all of their senses.


  • Providing new opportunities and challenges nurtures a child's  growth
  • Promotes development, and understanding of the environment
  • Children will independently and instinctively explore, experiment
  • Helps with problem solving skills which leads to self-confidence, creativity
  • This set inspires a world of discovery
  • Storage bag included
  • Ages 18 Months + (unless under constant adult supervision)

Blue Ribbon was founded in 1989 with the dream to create high quality wooden toys and children's furniture. All products are environmentally sound, safe, and designed to entertain, challenge and develop young minds and skills. All products are tested to meet regulatory safety standards and as a company, promote sustainable practices in all manufacturing.

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