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Mirrored Stacking Pebbles Silver 20pk

by TTS
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This set of smooth metallic mirror pebbles will fascinate children as they stack them or sort them into size order. Fantastic, open-ended mirrored stacking stones with a lovely metallic quality, creating a real sense of awe and wonder. Babies and children will be absorbed with this reflective mirrored pebble collection. The four different sizes offer great mathematical properties. Distinguish, sort, sequence and count them. Use these delightful sensory mirrored stacking pebbles in small world environments to extend play.


  • 20 Piece set
  • Pebbles come in four sizes (smallest to largest): Diameter 4.5cm x Height 1.5cm Diameter 6cm x Height 2cm Diameter 8cm x Height 2.6cm Diameter 15cm x Height 5cm
  • Encourage young children to really explore the pebbles. What do they look like, feel like, etc.? Are they smooth, shiny, heavy, etc.? What are their properties? Can the children make vital connections and discoveries? Can they see their reflection?
  • Use the pebbles in a treasure basket collection. The theme could be shiny or varying pebbles
  • Place the pebbles on different surfaces. Try a mirror tray or a sparkly fabric. Place them in Active World Trays (Tuff Spots) with different surfaces
  • Wrap the pebbles in different fabrics, crinkly paper, etc. 
  • Age Birth +

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