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Welcome to our newly curated website - Enjoy 💜💜
Welcome to our newly curated website - Enjoy 💜💜

1 Tone Wooden Block

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The wood block may be the oldest musical instrument known to man, given that it would have been possible for any civilization to have constructed and played this idiophonic instrument even before the Bronze Age. Even certain primate species from the animal world have been witnessed to beat on hollowed wooden logs similar to it. East Asian music uses a variety of wooden blocks ranging from small hand-held instruments to enormous temple blocks which may be sounded by swinging a large log against them.


  • Manufactured from hand picked sustainably focused rubber wood
  • Comes with wooden mallet
  • Playing with the IQ Plus wooden block can help children achieve in developing a sense of rhythm, reinforce hand-eye coordination, improve fine motor skills, and develop muscle tone in the hands and arms, not to mention have a great deal of fun while doing so...
  • Size: 16 x 3.5cms
  • Age 3 Yrs+

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