Introducing: Locomo

Introducing: Locomo

Meet Locomo! These imaginative new resources combine creativity, problem solving, storytelling and fine motor skills. They are brand new to the market, and are sure to capture the imaginations of children and teachers alike! 

Made from eco-friendly materials, their organic shapes suggest specific animals, but leave room for children's interpretation. Their weight and smooth finish make them a pleasure to play with.

We put them to the test, with an excited group of pre-schoolers, and here’s what we found.

Children experienced a myriad of learnings from these beautiful, contemporary resources.
We all went outside to gather a selection of sticks, leaves, herbs, flowers and bark, then placed them on the table for children to explore.We watched them work out exactly which size stick or leaf could fit into which hole. Problem solving came into play when not all legs were the same length and Dale the deer fell over.

For those that were more interested in the visual exploration, Frida the fish and Robbie the rabbit required no legs, so the real out-take was imaginative play. A variety of ears, tails and fins were used to test out different characters on each animal. Elmer the elephant was given a few makeovers, until the child that was playing with him was satisfied that he looked just right. One of the children preferred to make a single character, then she created a story about it needing to go to bed, and made a home for it.

The entire process was rich in sensory play – with the scent of rosemary, the soft leaves of ferns and scratchy sticks and bark. 

What do we suggest?

These resources would work best for 3-7 year olds. Go on a natural treasure hunt outside, and use your findings to create whimsical creatures. A great way to extend nature-play, encourage storytelling and wonder at the tiny details of our natural world.

Locomo Characters
Locomo with plants

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